Commercial Photography

Tom Muir Associates photographic service has been helping companies visually communicate their products and services since 1985. We photograph and supply images for corporate brochures, annual reports, advertising, exhibition displays, film & television, fashion, model agencies, press & public relations, industrial, annual conferences and awards.

Additional Services include:


GigaPan Photography

Gigapans are gigapixel panoramas, digital images with billions of pixels. They are huge panoramas with fascinating detail, all captured in the context of a single brilliant photo. Phenomenally large, yet remarkably crisp and vivid, gigapans are available to be explored at GigaPan.com. Zoom in and discover the detail of over 50,000 panoramas from around the world. 

There is simply no other full service panoramic photography equipment and software package on the market today.

360° photography

360° photography is a technique which has been popular for hotel and real estate virtual tours. There has been a great demand for this service as it is a good way to display a hotel, property or locations on the web. We can create these images and output them in many different formats for display, web or exhibitions etc. 360° VR photography is interactive and can be used for web delivery allowing the user to fully view a room, location or property in any direction with complete control. In the case of a tour you can link one scene to another with roll-over information for the complete experience. 


Our events photography covers.

  • Awards Ceremonies.

  • Activity Days

  • Balls

  • Conferences & Corporate

  • Charity Events

  • Public Relations

  • Sports

...and just about any other event which you require us to capture the moment, in a photo-journalistic style for your client, customers, staff or media usage.

We endeavour to produce a fast and friendly service and can supply a same day package with images available on-line for immediate download if necessary.